The Sleep-Weight Connection

The Sleep-Weight Connection

How Does Sleep Affect Weight?

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Most of us know that sleep is essential for a healthy lifestyle, but many of us don’t know how much sleep can directly impact your weight. Studies have linked the two together and revealed just how important getting enough restful sleep is for maintaining a healthy weight. Let’s take a closer look at why sleep plays such an essential role in our weight.

The Link Between Sleep and Weight Gain
When we don’t get enough sleep, our bodies produce higher levels of ghrelin, the hormone responsible for telling us when we’re hungry, and lower levels of leptin, the hormone that tells us when we’re full. This can lead to overeating and an increased risk of obesity. Additionally, when we are tired from lack of sleep, our bodies crave high-calorie foods as a way to give us energy. All these factors contribute to even further weight gain.

Sleep Deprivation and Metabolism
Another way in which not getting enough sleep can lead to weight gain is through its effect on metabolism. When we are well rested, our bodies are able to regulate metabolism more effectively – meaning that it will be better equipped to process the food we eat and convert it into energy rather than fat. On the other hand, when we don’t get enough restful sleep, it throws off our body’s natural ability to regulate metabolism leading to slower burning of calories and thus more fat storage in the body.

CBD & CBN for Better Sleep
If you are struggling with insomnia or sleeplessness due to stress or anxiety, then CBD oil may be helpful in improving your shut-eye time by reducing stress hormones which can help relax your mind and body 

so you can fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Additionally, CBN has been found to be even more effective than CBD at helping those with insomnia because it has strong sedative effects which helps people fall asleep faster. So if you’re looking for something that will help you get some quality zzzs then consider adding CBD or CBN oil into your nightly routine! Conclusion: Getting good quality restful sleep is essential for maintaining a healthy weight because it helps regulate hunger hormones as well as metabolism in the body which can prevent overeating and slow down calorie burning resulting in unwanted fat storage in the body. If you suffer from insomnia or sleeplessness due to stress or anxiety then taking CBD or CBN oil might help improve your shut-eye time so you can start feeling better rested each morning!

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Dr. Jeff Donohue

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